Daniel Genalo is a New York City based Visual Artist/Designer and Performer. Daniel grew up in Ames, Iowa, the son of an Engineering professor as father and a mother in Social and Psychological Research at the university level. As a successful young athlete and diligent scholar, Daniel began to show signs of creative talent in his drawing, writing of stories and poetry, ability to imitate and create characters with his voice, and his natural ability to dance. He first performed to Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock while in the Sixth Grade. Young Daniel was in love with hip-hop and house music and culture, and that passion fueled his other forms of creativity.

In high school, Daniel dreamt of a variety of creative fields, including Architecture, Screenwriting, and Fashion Design. But his favorite activities involved hip-hop culture. He watched hip-hop related movies, painted graffiti and danced at as many parties as he could. He attended Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design. During his time there, he continued to live and work within hip-hop culture, doing freestyle spray can graffiti and eventually shifting focus to stencil graffiti work. Daniel's studies in Industrial Design gave him an extremely versatile creative and scientific education, allowing him to flourish and cultivate the ability to creatively problem solve in any discipline, and fuse his love for hip-hop style and culture with design work.

After graduation, Daniel relocated to New York, first working as a designer of Accessories, Soft Goods and Luggage. He continued to dance throughout this period, and took a job as an Art Director. Daniel has worked in soft goods, electronics, interior, graphic/print and other forms of design. His career lead him to live and work in New York City and Milan, with design work experience in both Milan and Hong Kong/Taiwan. Mr. Genalo continues to paint, draw, design, dance, and live in the birthplace of hip-hop: New York City.